About Colorado Springs Worship Center

We are a church in Colorado Springs belonging to the Central States Jursidiction of the Church of the Living God International, Inc.

Colorado Springs Worship Center was started in 2010 by the leading and guiding of the Holy Ghost.

A message from our Pastor:
Come all that hunger and thirst to hear the word of God which will surely bring about a change in your life by the Holy Spirit. Here you will serve the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob and will be baptized into the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth by the Holy Ghost. We challenge you to give Colorado Springs Worship Center a chance to bring the change God has for you.

Pastor Ted Garcia

About the Church of the Living God International, Inc

The Church of the Living God was founded in 1903 by Mother Mary Magdalena Lewis Tate. In 1994, the start of a great organization known as The Church of the Living God International, Inc. (CLGI) emerged, founded by Bishop Joseph White. The church organization experienced positive growth from his Christian Education outlines and support of the International Christian Education, Missions, Men’s (Brotherhood), Women’s (Elect Ladies), and Youth and Young Adult Departments. These departments have proven helpful in supporting the spread of the gospel. In 1998, CLGI established a Board of Bishops with the Founder and Presiding Bishop, Dr. Joseph White, D. Min. presiding over the First, Southeast, Southwest, South America.
In 2008, the Jurisdictional Bishops became the Board of Directors as stated under the direction of CLGI’s law firm, Bricker & Eckler. The Ecclesiastical Structure of CLGI is composed of the Board of Directors, the General Council (Elders and Pastors), General Assembly, Jurisdictional Conferences and Local Churches. CLGI is governed by its Constitution and By-Laws and is registered as a non-profit church organization in the State of Ohio. CLGI is found throughout the United States of America and abroad.


Life changing testimonies
God is moving by his Spirit

The Lord healed me in my body." Anonymous
Praise God I received the gift of God, the indwelling Holy Spirit and the evidence of speaking in tonguesAnonymous

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Colorado Springs Worship Center
Address: 3440 N Carefree Circle Suite 140 & 150 , Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Telephone: 719-722-9480
Email: Contact-Us@cswcclgi.org